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Hafele 003.00.253 Hafele Premium Grade PVA Adhesive
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Hafele 003.00.253 Hafele Premium Grade PVA Adhesive


Hafele Premium Grade PVA Adhesive, 5 gallon

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Hafele 003.00.253 Hafele Premium Grade PVA Adhesive

  • 5 gallon
  • Typical Physical Properties Appearance white liquid Solids, % 50 Viscosity, cps 6000* pH 2.5 - 3.5 Freeze - Thaw Stable protect from freezing Adhesive Application Properties Water Resistance excellent Heat Resistance good Cleanup excellent Resistance to Static Load good
  • A specially designed adhesive with increased water resistance, good heat resistance, good resistance to static load and very fast curing on RF machines
  • Easy cleanup
  • Excellent storage stability
  • Excellent water resistance
  • FDA approved for indirect food contact
  • Good heat resistance
  • High shear strength
  • Higher viscosity: most wood workers prefer these higher viscosities that don’t run or drip as much
  • Passes Type II water-resistance specification
  • Type 2 is a 50% solids polyvinyl acetate emulsion containing reactive groups
  • Very fast setting
  • Works well on hot and cold-press applications


Note: Meets ASTM D 4236


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